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A Commitment to Canvas and Ink

As a constructionist learner, and scribe, my entire work centers on building conceptual models of my understanding of history and then translating them into 3d representations I can turn into Giclee. And as I said on the previous page, I am about correcting the absence of Africans in the classical world. It's for this reason I must commit my work to canvas using ink.


Investigate the history of canvas online, the lack of any discussion of an African origin of canvas is astounding. This is especially the case when reeds, rushes and hemp were plentiful in both upper and lower Kemi (Egypt). Given that we finally know ancient Black Egyptians were advanced seafarers, the presence of sail material must have started early on.


And amazingly, the same lack of African origin is true for the development of ink. Since few realize that the largest population of Africans outside of Africa is in India, the migration of ink technology from African to China is not considered. Tribes such as the Bonda have been in India since the time of the Old Kingdom Black Pharaohs; and I suggest that it was through scribes of these early people that ink moved from Africa to China. If indeed, brush and ink moved to China, perhaps examples of Egyptian hieratic (picture writing) did also.


With all this taken into account, Giclee on canvas is one way I express my linage. The other half of my symbolic connection to my ancestors has to do with listening to the dead.

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