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At the '07 Wondercon convention in San Francisco I met artist Thomas Yeates.



After walking the area where artists display their work I returned to Thomas' table. His work had that feel I was after. I told him I would be leaving soon but I wanted him to design a cyclops for me. He said come back in an hour. I did. The drawing shown here is what I received.

It's rare to find an artist that can capture the sense of what you are trying to create just from casual conversation. Intrigued at the possiblities collaboration with Thomas might offer, I commissioned his services.

My original intention was to use them as cover designs for the comic series I wanted to produce. But as I developed the mock-ups, poster art came to mind. Instead of using them as covers, the feel and flavor of our combined efforts suggested posters. Carrying this idea to conclusion created a Sacred Blood poster series with art by Thomas Yeates while I provided graphic design.

The question of comic covers still loomed, so I set about designing with the intent of converting them into posters. That effort created another series showcasing CG art, instead of hand drawing.

The first comic is complete, Sacred Blood Feud. Please enjoy.

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