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Changing the Trend


Gaming became an addiction, but as I played I discovered another reason why I was so engrossed. As I became conscious of gaming's potential I felt I had discovered a method for halting suicidal tendencies of African American males. At that point I assume a new career. My purpose was to develop and test my ideas.

Age of Empires

With help from a number of institutions and individulas I was able to develop a conceptual model I felt had the potential to address black-on-black murder. Problem was, no one was interested. The idea of computer gaming used as a tool to affect crime was to much of a streach for academics and funders alike.



Even community members couldn't grasp the potential. In their opinion, computer programming, history and graphic design were beyond the ability of their children. Yet, they were more than ready to buy games like Grand Theft Auto for them to play.This lack of faith in African American children was astounding.

After ten years of rejection, I returned to my profession.

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