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Instead of distancing myself from wildness, my heart pleaded for the liberation of that part of me that makes me most human – our never-ending passion and joy as we live each moment entirely and completely. With this realization, I understood my work around sex and play in a manner unthought-of before; and another set of mental slave chains dropped from my mind. Realization that the attempt to strangle this type of wildness out of me and my ancestor had failed, restored my birthright to act wild; and with this insight my move to Hawaii became starkly clear.

Commonsense dictated staying in San Francisco after building the Alamo Square project; but I hadn’t done the rational thing. I took the proceeds and reestablished the family on the most rural island in the State of Hawaii. Unchained, “cyclopean energy” flew me into the wilds, where I unselfconsciously practiced Rewilding.


During this experience I learned something:

If we combine time in nature with conscious living in civilization, we can begin to see many civilized things through wild eyes.

Traveling back and forth between the mainland and the Kau Desert taught me this lesson. I didn’t flee racist America and the devastation inflicted on my community in San Francisco, I retreated – with every intention to return. In retreating I gained “new eyes“; and from this perspective I crafted the behaviors and buildings presented in Cyclopean Architecture.