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Fu Ren, my wife, is an avid reader. For relaxation she loves English murder mysteries. Our walls are festooned with her collections; but over the years, as I listened to her telling of the various tales, a common denominator haunted them all, the sorry soul of the bastard. Be they medieval, classical or modern, the bastard is always present in one form of another.  While I, on the other hand, dealt with this motif in a totally different context.  


With the structure of the Chinese family so ridged and thoroughly defined, each person within the family and its extended relatives having specific position names, Fu Ren was astonished at black family structure. To her it appeared confusing and chaotic. Children had different fathers, women were unmarried with children and the term”love child” made absolutely no sense. I had to confess I was a love child even though my parents eventually married. Her confusion was genuine which in turn gave me pause, highlighting deep-seated feelings of unease buried long ago. Looking through her eyes I reengaged wonder.

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