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As our world becomes smaller, more compact, miniaturized, and efficient, oppressive forces threaten a type of slavery never before experience in human history, global oligarchy. And quite frankly, none of us are ready for the demands for obedience that will be placed on the public . Nor are we ready for the plutocrats who will quickly seize control, as they have already done in many parts of the world.

Only in medieval serfdom of Europe or peasantry of feudal China has any system of government approximated what is presently happening in the modern world; and it was under these oppressive conditions, at least in China, that martial arts served a valuable function for the common people. Hidden within its training is a logic that instructs on how to make your opponent "hit empty" and secondly, how behave when confronting forces more powerful than your own. This hidden way of thinking is what makes martial arts, and Taiji especially, an essential part of a family person's education.

First, a little background..

To understand the psychology involved in practicing martial arts, it's necessary to explain the saying shown here:

"On behalf Heaven, walk path."

The saying has a long and storied history, much of which has been misused. Misrepresentation and distortion began 1,500 years ago, when a Buddhist priest and an empress regent proclaimed themselves Maitreya, the Future Buddha.

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