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The previous pages in the old site for this section chronicled my commitment to the therapeutic value of art using inkjet printing, canvas, comics, novels, gaming and Architecture. But after traveling to Greece, another perspective presents itself.

I realized my art is part of a larger spiritual path that requires visualization – one evidently orchestrated by the psychic complex Aphrodite; and out of devotion to this inner complex, I aspire to self-actualization by generating spontaneous acts of creativity.
Accompanying this insight I had the distinct sensation my work found favor in the goddess’s eyes. No longer tearful, she now smiles.

I then felt an uplifting sense of gratitude. As if carried in a stream, the Flow, I realized a mental shift has occurred. Instead of focusing on the negatives of an African American male experience, over the long run, I had embraced the positivity of creativeness and found a deep emotional fulfillment.

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