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Previous site pages for this section chronicled my commitment to the use of inkjet printing, canvas, comics, novels, gaming and Architecture; but after my trip to Greece, another way of perceiving my art presents itself.

Aside from its therapeutic value, art – like Taiji as you will see in the companion section – as a way of doing what Sifu called, “putting money in the bank.”  He used the term to express an inherent aspect of practice; that is, when you practice an activity conscientiously, it adds emotional wealth to your inner being.

The insight on my art actually happened after retuning; I realized my art in all its forms had been part of a larger spiritual path – one evidently orchestrated by the psychic complex, Aphrodite; a path requiring visualization. Out of devotion to this inner complex, I aspired to self-actualization by generating spontaneous acts of creativity. And I had the distinct sensation or impression these works found favor in the goddess’s eyes. No longer tearful, she smiled.

The sense of gratitude was uplifting – I felt as if carried in a stream, the Flow? Within this sensation another insight, the gratitude I felt was twofold. Focusing my attention on its story and visualizing it, instead of focusing on the negatives of an African American male, over the long run a mental shift occurred; I embraced the positivity of creativeness and found emotional fulfillment.

While the theme of Sacred Blood is pain-filled, the complex seemed indeed grateful for my commitment; and I on the other hand, could “check-off” achievements which constituted a “Gratitude List” - concrete things as examples of service. In my case the list represents those creative works called for and completed – which as I said placed a smile on the goddess’s face.

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