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The Feminine Unconscious wanted me back in the islands. Evidently, this was where I was to start repair and restoration of my cultural identity. In falling in love with Pele on my first trip as a tourist, the Unconscious used longing and enacted an updated motif of an old tale to lure me back. The story stems from the beginning of Hawaiian culture, but was revised to fit conditions. I was assigned the role of Lohiau.

In this rendition, when Pele asks Hi'iaka to bring back her lover, Hi'iaka delegates responsibility for calling Lohiau back to Wahine'oma'o, while she goes in search for him. As a daughter of the Hula, Wahine'oma"o calls to him from afar.

She chants and dances to draw Lohiau to her through mutual attraction and affection. When Hi'iaka finally finds Lohiau, she dons the guise of a beautiful maiden, who will follow him anywhere even Hawaii. It is then up to Lohiau to find his way home.

But on his arrival Pele finds that not only has Lohiau returned with Hi'iaka, but both Wahine'oma'o and Hi'iaka love him. In uncharacteristic fashion Pele exhibits patience.

In time Hi'iaka and Wahine'oma'o find other lovers, leaving Lohiau to his beloved Pele. Lohiau then builds.


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