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It may seem strange to include mythic material in explaining how I began my professional employment, but it isn't. When Jungian psychology is applied to a relatively healthy situation the mythic and psychic forces at work revel themselves. Of course, the individuals involved in the situation cannot appreciate what is occurring on other levels of consciousness in the moment. These hidden happenings can only be teased out through meditation and reflection after the deeds have been done.

There are many variations of the myth of Lohiau and Pele; but in my case, staying with Pele ushers me into the world of estimating. I remembered Professor Ellis' advice and instead of approaching architectural employment directly, I decided to work for a contractor as an estimator. It was a small operation which gave me the opportunity to see construction from many different angles. I work with the crew and in the office. I have client contact.

The most important experience was providing architectural documents for our remodel jobs. Working with the client and obtaining permits exposed me to the business aspects of contracting, but getting feedback on the drawings I prepared for the crew showed me how little I knew about dimensioning and construction.

However, little did I know Shao Fu Ren #4 was not finished with our relationship. Once again, Pele exhibited patience and let me go.

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