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Shao Fu Ren called me back and I responded. Unlike our mythic experience in Hawaii she was no longer unconsciously in the role of Hi'iaka. I couldn't see any of this at the time, but now on reflection it's evident something had changed.

Consciously she was a woman at home in her element, San Francisco. Her Feminine Unconscious projection, I now can see, was that of Budai. Disregarding Budai's stereotypic imagery, Shao Fu Ren had reached a level of contentment being home and out of the Buddha nature Budai represents, she was dispensing gifts. As I struggled to regain her devotion, she gave me at least four presents, making me the man I am today.

This time, she was at the center of the love triangle. My rival was well known and an established professional; while I had just started my career. Challenged at the prospect of losing her to another, I set my unconscious to the task of finding employment in architecture. And as it turned out my stint as an estimator was exactly what employers were looking for.


Shao Fu Ren had called be back just at the right time; gift number two, the first one was given before she let Hawaii. Ostensibly, I was to compete for her affection; but unconsciously my response to her call opened the door to my professional career. I was the right person, in the right place, at the right time when KMD expanded their contract administration (CA) department.

I had never heard of contract administration, but when I sent my resume they immediately call and invited me to an interview with the CA director. Soon after, I was hired. At first I was given hospital remodels, but after a year or so, I receive a commercial assignment, Pacific Front.

In conjunction with the commerical studio, I was also assigned to CFA (Correction Facilities Architects), KMD's corporation involved in design and construction of correction facilities. It was during my tenure with CFA that I came to the attention of Herb McLaughlin, senior partner in KMD.

After completing my CFA assignment, Santa Cruz Detention Facility, I was then assigned one of Herb's personal developments, Dearborn Station in Chicago.



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