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The Whole in Each Part: Contract Administrator



On completion of Dearborn, I was flying high. A salary increase along with a change in title gave me the feeling that I was moving up in the profession. Intent on demonstrating my abilities to Shao Fu Ren I accept an offer from the firm to CA a massive housing project in downtown SF, St. Francis Place. At this pivotal moment the Unconscious accelerated the process of Individuation, by exposing my Shadow.


This aspect of the Feminine Unconscious took the form of a friend I secretly desired, but dare not state openly. Her presentation was that of the unobtainable. Aloof and arrogant she was always out of reach. But my successes at KMD made me bold and prideful, and even though I knew I needed to pay attention to Shao Fu Ren, I was distracted. Confused and somewhat disoriented I placed myself in therapy.

With the assistance of my therapist the shadow projection my friend represented was brought to the surface. The aloofness, arrogance and unobtainability were parts of me, parts I didn’t want to acknowledge. Doing the work to expose the unseen part of myself triggered responses from the Unconscious. On one level, I came to realize the potential dangers in “flying too high” as told by the myth of Icarus. My Unconscious was warning about self-identification with the Architect instead of see it as merely a role I was playing. 


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