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Doing the Opposite of What You Thought You Ought to Be Doing



Conscious dealing with the Unconscious requires humility. The ego is not in charge and free will has very little to do much with anything. If we really ever became aware just how little things are in our control, we would be frightened out of our wits.

That said, we can influence events if we are humble, respectful, gracious and attentive. But even then during the course of one's life we find ourselves doing the opposite of what we thought we ought to be doing. There are selves within us that will and ought to act in opposition to the conscious ego. This part of the site is an expression of this in operation.


First, a little history:

"Don't call me George!"

Doing the opposite of what I thought I ought to be doing began for me on the road. In this case, train tracks with Pullman porters. Hired for pennies on the dollar, worked 18-20 hours a day, incessantly on the move, and constantly berated and subjected to countless indignities, these men represent true human bravery and an American success story.


From the backwaters of the South, they came. The blacker the better as far as George Pullman was concerned, because the blacker ones would work for less. They had no other alternatives. Even better yet if they came straight from the cotton fields, field Negroes knew how to be subservient.


For eighty years, these men of the rails, endured on ridiculously low wages; out of which they had to supply their own meals, uniforms and shoe polish. They were glorified hotel maid and bellhop rapped up into one. And yet, through all the mistreatment they provided the "middle class solution" of their time.


Their job was seen as the pinnacle of what a Negro could achieve. It was paid work with travel. Negroes got to see the world and in their capacity as maid and house boy rubbed shoulders with the white and wealthy; receiving an education unimaginable just decades before. They read newspapers left behind and came to understand the goings-on around them.


And for reasons unexplained, whites always called them George, no matter what their name was.

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