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The Whole in Each Part

Contrapposto and S-Curve

On the previous site pages for this section I detailed how I came to succeed in architecture – through the guidance and love of my Fu Rens, large and small.

The ordeal was just that, a forging within a crucible of affection, concern, entitlement and loyalty.


None of us knew at the time what instigated our toil; only years later on reflection did I place it in its mythic context – in its larger than life perspective where the Aphrodite complex (Feminine Unconscious I called it then) acted as a giant hand, moving us to and fro. Forged through sex and play, I cut through the design and construction profession like a hot knife through butter.


On cooling, as we all must as we age, two design elements I am unconsciously attracted too, appreciate and make use of, surfaced.


Part of the cooling process was touching the earth and receiving affirmation of my inner psychic journey; this validation occurred in the museum at the Acropolis. The crying Aphrodite exploded in my unconscious sending me into depths of gratitude never experienced; but on a much gentler level, viewing of the Caryatides also provided corroboration that came to mind slowly.

It wasn’t until I returned home and documented what transpired that coincidence put two and two together.

In writing on sculpture seen at the museum, I stumble onto Praxiteles and his association with Mnesarete (Phryne), heroine in my cyclopean tale. It’s also at this time I encounter the two sculptural elements, Contrapposto and S-Curve. The coincidence seemed meaningful, I had to get out of my way and be led. I put on my wild eyes and a path presented itself - the Caryatides came to mind.

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