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On completion of architecture graduate school Professor William R. Ellis, for reasons he never explained, walked up to me and told me to find a job with a contractor because it was obvious I didn't have any clue about how buildings were put together. After eight years of play in visual design, video and community organizing, it was hard at first to accept I did not know anything about the business of architecture.

Even though I was unconcerned about employment while in school, the prospect of long-term unemployment on graduation frightened me. And to make matters worse, I was emotionally confused. Shao Fu Ren #3 beckoned from Hawaii, Shao Fu Ren #4 wanted to be wherever I wanted to be; while a third friend, who we shall call a shadow figure remained in the background. Shaken and confused I held firm to my commitment to the Unconscious and moved to Hawaii.

In hindsight I now understand why, in the grip of so much confusion, I went to Hawaii. The Unconscious doesn't work sequentially, it works as a whole. Each piece, part or event is both a part of the whole and a whole in itself. Taking my brother and the two women I loved together to the islands, I assembled my immediate family as a whole before starting on my path to employment.

But again, something seemed to hold me back from seeking employment in the architectural profession. Once again I was standing in my way. Consciously the conflict appeared as the age-old love triangle. Emotional turmoil hampered my concentration or so it seemed. But looking back I can now see the Feminine Unconscious at work. The drama between us was a method to coordinate, orient and resolve inner conflict. I can't speak for the others, but for me the play we did together set me on a course for success.

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