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I begin by dedicating this portion of the site to two persons I never thought I would, Professor Spiro Kostof and Marc Treib.

First Kostof, I never took his classes; I was smart enough to know I wasn’t prepared for that type of discussion. But what drew me to his lectures was his obvious passion for architectural history. I can’t be for certain but I think he and I got into a semi-argument over the influence Africans had on Greek architecture.

It’s because of this heated exchange I remember him here; he was my “helpful enemy”.  Spiro has passed so he will never know how grateful I am for his scholarship and presence in my life. His

rejection of the Greek Herm at the crossroads as an African artifact stemming from native cultural unity with Black Africa fueled a passion in me to prove him wrong. Intuitively I felt I was right, but I had no evidence – just dim inklings of a history left untold.



The second person Professor Treib also proved to be a helpful enemy. He taught my first design studio. We had two projects. The Design of a visitation center for Sunkist Orange company was the first and the second the redesign of a structure of your choice. The center design was underwhelming to say the least. I had no idea what I was doing.

I had just entered the College of Environmental Design (CED) with the help of Professor Kenneth Cardwell, who also deserves recognition here, after almost flunking out of Cal while in Letters and Science.

For some reason when asked by the counselor, I don’t remember her name, what department I wanted to be in besides L&S I selected CED, probably because of the experience I had meeting William Wurster at his office when my mother worked as his receptionist.

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