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My desire for self-discovery led down a path indifferent to class privilege associated with architecture. I wasn't interested in the architectural establishment as a professional goal. Instead, I graced myself with the opportunity to develop autonomous self-awareness. In return I received a gift from the Unconscious, a sense of personal sovereignty.

As this new personality took hold I began formulating thoughts, patterns and behaviors to reinforce it:

    • Maintain a healthy self-image and positive worldview.
    • Visualize the changes I want in the world.
    • Diminish competition and promote play.
    • Invite the Unconscious into work and play.
    • Seek the Union of Opposites.

Only now many years later can I express the task I had in mind when I adopted these ideas. In seeking self-knowledge I was seeking freedoms denied African Americans:


    • The freedom to practice African American liberties as we define them, and
    • The freedom to construct a new African American society.

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