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Repeated life experience or successive lives


In this new presentation cycle, the idea of repeated life experience or successive lives stands front and center. In this section’s last iteration, how art therapy saved my life took center stage; because it was through art therapy I was able to make contact in a meaningful way with the Collective Unconscious, or the dead as I sometimes refer to it, in order to receive guidance. Successful completion of the design tasks demanded by the dead guided me to an insight, this is not my first life, nor will it be my last.

The reasons why I now hold this belief can be found in The Conscious Gene section of The Orgia. There I present the view that successive lives are inherent in human experience creating an energetic “flow” which facilitates communication between past, present and future generations. As validation I have this to offer from my travel in Greece.

My persona as a Cyclops begins with a seminal dream. As you can see it is twofold, the second part comprised of a crying marble figure. While in Athens at the Acropolis museum Sandra and I found the Caryatides on the second floor as we were leaving. After viewing we precede past and turn into a sculpted head of the Goddess Aphrodite; sculptor unknown.

The strange thing about the head had to do with the material use for its eyes. Whatever the material was, it deteriorated leaving behind stain trails down the cheeks - giving the impression of a crying face. Shocked, I disobeyed the rules and took the picture. 

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