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In creating coursework I intuitively reached back to my own education, to lessons on Wholeness presented by Professor James Prestini.

Intuitively I felt exposure to and a feeling for Holism was the best I could offer students placed in my care. I used the same methods Professor Prestini used while teaching beginning design at UCB: Unfolding Circles.




The student website made in '08 best captures what the program accomplished, while focusing on training women and minorities in design, math, science and engineering. For over the ten years the program developed courses that molded students into designers and technical thinkers.

Many former students are scattered throughout bay area colleges. Three students entered engineering at University of California at Berkeley, all of which graduated. Following in the tradition of Booker T. Washington, the program made sure to adhere to ‘old school’ principles where first things came first, like math, science and a technical design education.

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