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Repeated Life Experience

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Speaking with the Dead

Dream #1:

The dream was literally mythic in proportion. I dreamt of a Cyclops chained in a cave. With the help of a "wisp-of-smoke" the Cyclops breaks free in time to devour its captor. Doing so, it is empowered. It becomes strong and returns to its natural state.

This dream is the structural foundation for my work. The dream is a rubric provided by the Collective Unconscious; which I prefer to call my ancestors or the Dead. Archetypal figures were activated so I could "become strong and return to my natural state".

The dream was short hand for the set of instructions that would comprise my re-education. Immediately following this dream I began to hear voices, a down-right frightening experience but one I could not control. With the help of my therapist I was able to regain a sense of well-being while the voices proceeded to tell their story.

My rubric required three things. First, I was to write down their tale. It was as if I was turning the story into printed instructions. Next, I was to sift through the material in order to discover well-established customs and traditions that made up the rules of conduct for the ancients. After which, I was to compile and summarize what I had learned in a commentary.

This would be the basis of my re-education. In following the demands of the Dead, I wrote:


Phosphorus, Commentary

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