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Cyclopean Architecture

Those who clicked on the first link of the design section were transported back to my college days where all of this started. On about the fifth or sixth page of that link I present a work done at the time called Archiconic Papyrus: The Active Imagination and the Created Environment. It’s an attempt, an almost incoherent one, to verbalize my experience – reception of a massive download from the Unconscious. Inept and totally incapable of clear communication, I nonetheless documented the flow of information tapped while studying Jungian psychology in regard to the physical environment.

The work is a rambling jumble of concepts and ideas, but at its core it endeavors to corroborate ancient belief in architectural principles designed to tell the story of Creation in physical form using human agency. Central to these principles is the Idol. Misconstrued as childishness superstition and evil, like so many things native, the function of idol artifact remains misunderstood.

In relation to Cyclopean Architecture this confusion must be clarified – the physical object is not God; nor is it a representation of the divine or to be worshipped. What an idol signifies is a story, a myth, concerning Conception. 

The point of my trip to Greece was actually to touch Eidolon associated with Sacred Blood, the walls and ruins of ancient cities Messene and Pylos. From study I knew these areas to be the origin of the Cyclops – everything in the region has to do with the “eye,” even the Kalamata olives.

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