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The Problem with Minorities in Architecture




What held me back in architecture school was my inability to verbally or graphically represent the complex designs I had in mind. I lacked the ability to illustrate my ideas by hand. With the advent of computers and the development of CAD I made tentative attempts toward design but by then I was committed to contract administration and construction.

When Google SketchUp became available, everything changed. It was the first time I had the tool I needed to illustrate my inner vision. I finally had a means to "pull" 2d designs up into 3d models. In doing so, I realized that from the beginning of my architectyural studies I had visualized in 3d, but lacked proficiency in hand/eye coordination to exhibit my vision.

I wish to dedicate this section to Professor Jesse Reichek, professor of Architecture Emeritus, College of Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley. Although it could easily be dedicated to so many others such as Professors Ellis, Lerup, Markus, Ishakawa, and Alexander, Professor Reichek is the correct choice because he allowed me to produce the most important design of all while at UCB, the design of my own education.

Professor William Wurster also derseves a special thanks also, for two reasons. First, for his leadership in creating the College of Environmental Design in a manner that allowed students sufficient choice and support in designing their own curriculum; and, secondly for hiring my mother as his receptionist at Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons. That stroke of good luck introduced me to the world of Design.


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