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The Importance of Play

It's a Matter of Mental Health


Purchasing property in Hawaii was a calculated gamble. Intuitively I felt we were isolated in the Fillmore. The warm sense of community that once existed was gone; replaced by families loaded with debt.


The few African American families remaining were trapped in public housing; while the more stable middle class black families were migrating south to states like Texas and Georgia.Thoughts of returning to the South felt like a regression, since we had come from there in the 40's. But, to stay in the Fillmore risked susceptibility to loneliness and depression.

With these feelings in play, Hawaii became a viable option. It offered undeniable physical beauty, a community with a history of inclusion, a place to reacquaint ourselves with Nature, along with two elements containing healing properties, shield volcanoes and beaches.

I wagered these qualities would benefit the family more in the long run than the money made by reinvesting in San Francisco.

I also staked the family's future on another feature Hawaii had to offer. I bet the isle of Hawaii, the Big Island, will continue to have available cheap land and in the future our family will invite others to come live and play.

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