Fu Ren’s Notes










In the 80 or so years since the Meaning of Happiness published, the war within the soul has intensified. Our collective ego continues to refuse to look at itself as the word Chien recommends. Fu Ren points this out, even though not directly, when demonstrating how the word Chien was simplified during China’s revolution.

During the chaos the radical for rope is replaced with the radical for big, both circled; those for resistance and cow remain. The stated intent of the substitution was to reduce the number of strokes when writing while at the same time maintaining a visual semblance to original character. But in my opinion, something vital was lost. The tool used for overcoming the cow’s resistance is omitted; thus obscuring the role inner reality plays in guiding us along to a more appreciative outlook on the human condition.

The strokes for writing diminished in substituting big for rope but so did the meaning. The wisdom message sent from the past in the medium became complicated by ambiguity. What does ultimate, infinite, big mean when placed in reference to resistance and cow? The arrogance and vanity displayed by revisionist mirrors our mistaken belief that we are separate from nature; that nature has nothing to teach us because we are self-sufficient. This delusion the ego operates under, that it is an individual personality, stands in the way of each of us becoming sage or magician in our own right.