by Thomas Yeates

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Gestalt Psychology 11


Gestalt Therapy



Another cycle begins for a Cyclops unbound. As usual it starts with an awakening. Fu Ren (1st wife) and I awake in bed holding hands. I guess it was so novel that she comments. She says, “ Chien So,” and gets up; and as I question her a whole world of meaning opens.

But before diving into the implications of “holding hands,” I have to recount another instance of Fu Ren’s guidance. For some time, she has been reading Byron Katie. And during this time she has posed the question who are you without your story?

I didn’t pay much attention until recently when I discovered that this site, an endeavor of love for decades, is my answer. When I finally paid serious attention I learned a truth revealed to me many years earlier while in therapy.  

I realized when I strip away the story and history of African American male, a creature called a Cyclops is exposed.  

In juxtaposing these two awakenings, a gestalt occurred. Indeed, therapy had loosened and finally unbound the chains of ignorance, anger, and envy induced by generational slave mentality, but it had not provided spiritual orientation.

I knew enough to reach back beyond slavery as the site demonstrates; and over the years I became aware of similarities between Buddhism and ancient African thought on the subject of successive lives. But the question of where this life fit remained unclear until the gestalt happened.

In holding Fu Ren’s hand, both literally and figuratively, she has guided me to an answer. And as the word Chien denotes iconographically, (see Fu Ren’s notes), she does so because she values me as a treasure.