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Why Hawaii?

Above are fifteen units Fu Ren and I developed in the '80's. With a portion of the profit, we purchased property in Hawaii.

It's not often that the end of the rainbow falls on your home, but it actually happens in Hawaii.


I have little faith in proposed methods of reaching environmental sustainability. As wealth inequity continues to grow, living will become more difficult. Our family will need a redoubt, a place of shelter.

  • Not everyone within the family will be able to navigate the chaos that is to follow. Some family members will need a place that puts them in touch with real necessities like clean water, garbage disposal, power generation and food production.
  • The elderly will need a safe, clean place to experience Nature.
  • Pregnant mothers will need a quiet, clean, safe place to have their children. A place that is not "plugged-in". A place were activity flows from house, to land and sea.
  • Men will need a place to become men. A place where they can learn their tools, listen to the land and inwardly develop.

A place of shelter is not an investment. It's a symbolic statement, one that does not look for profit in return; an act initiated from the Heart. The objective of having Hawaiian property is captured in one word: intimacy. It's a place that allows us to grow from within, face-to-face; with those we love and care for.

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