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The Problem of Many Selves in Marriage




I chose this enigmatic subtitle for this section out of an unconscious urge. In fact, my entire work is a product of the Unconscious. So please bare with me as I attempt to connect the leaps of intuition involved in my brand of visionary leadership.

Leadership of any kind is difficult to impliment, but visionary leadership is probably the hardest of all. People are conservative. They refuse to change until the need for change stares them in the face, hits them over the head and takes what they value most. Only then will change be acknowledged and leadership sought after. As for the leader that has a vision, it is nearly impossible to explain why change is necessary before the need for it has become evident. It is a path usually travelled alone.

My path as a visionary began while finishing my undergraduate degree. I was in love and when the object of my unconscious projection moved to Hawaii. I went to visit. Within hours of landing I was at the beach.


I went into the water and my life changed. My unconscious attachment to the woman I loved shifted. The moment I came out of the water I knew Hawaii would be with me the rest of my life. She was native, raw, sensual and vibrant with life.

In that baptism one of my many selves married her. From that moment on I was determined to live and hopefully die with her. I saw the volcano as my home.


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