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The misconception that play is predominately reserved for children in relation to their development is wrong. I have never stopped playing as this portfolio attests. Gifted with an education and loyal companions, I had the good fortune to understand what constitutes sound mental health; and so, I made sure to participate in all types of play, thematic, dramatic, symbolic, inclusive, constructive, and storytelling. As you will see, I did so for specific reasons.

From what I learned in environmental design at UCB, I decided to gamble that the development of a strong ego depended on maintaining a flexible self-image; one that avoided "identifying" with one social role, like that of an Architect.

I wagered the future on my unconscious ability to re-create myself using role play to navigate society, while still remaining true to my vision. I didn't pretend to play; I played the roles of dramatist, illustrator, graphic designer, modeler, story-teller, web-master, architect, builder, manager, lover, husband, and father.

In doing so, I am at peace with my feelings, emotions and fears. I resolved the imbalance a victim mentality creates when it is foist on a person, while at the same time coming to understand that socially accepted normalcy isn't normal at all. Accomplishing this, I developed a sense of sovereignty which then promoted autonomous growth eventually leading to the conclusion that sex and play are good, natural and necessary.

I believe this portfolio is a testament to achieving my goal of sound mental health.


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