by Thomas Yeates

Cyclops Companion Site


After fulfilling its educational mission, Cyclops has grown into a showcase presenting the individuals and ideas that shape my art. Some may find it disconcerting that my work is so historically based, but there is reason for this as I explain in the website.

Others may consider computer generated (CG) art fraudulent. I use the tools of my time so no apologies necessary. The intention is to stir deep seated images and feelings belonging to our Collective Unconscious. I do so to tap deep recesses were authentic self-esteem, self-love and happiness are found; emotions and feelings which many of us overlook.

We are at a crossroads and in dire need of leadership. My works offer three suggestions, similar to those found in this video clip:

- Honor the Dead,
- Put all doubt aside, work joyfully, work together and we shall prevail,
- Now let’s figure out how to get out of this mess

We find ourselves in a state of war; with ourselves and the Environment. It's war that is unwinnable. It's my hope our discontent can be resolved peacefully using a non-violent approach that faces those complicated questions nestled deep within our inner being. Hopefully my work opens a door to the Unconscious and allows us to find the strength and honor to move forward.