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A Cultural Software

By the time I sat with Russ for lunch, I already had written the elements composing the framework for this cultural software portion of my website. And I thought this was my approach, to reconstruct family as presented in the following pages. But, the overarching concept was obscure. I missed a step which now requires that I insert it here for clarity before presenting the more detailed components of my cultural software design.

Elsewhere in the site I shed light on the phenomena of “runaway women”. In Suppliant Maidens I expose connections between the feminine and social revolution; and the seemingly disobedient behavior of fleeing as a herald for change. But I missed the other half of symbolic departure – instead of “running away,” I now understand this behavior in its complement, “running to” something.

Finally it flashed in my mind that Russ’s question concerned intimacy, what to embrace.  The question wasn’t about architectural theories or social movements; it was a question of the heart. I meditated and only recently has the insight made its presence felt in conscious awareness – I want to reclaim my wildness. Just as “natural” and “native” have been denigrated as character traits so too has wildness – categorized as uncultivated, undomesticated, undisciplined or lacking in restraint. In recapturing personal sovereignty I discovered an appreciation of and sincere longing for playing my part in this wild ecology we call our home.

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