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We begin with a question presented by Carl Anthony, one of my professors at UCB. For this reason, this section is dedicated to him.


What is sacred space?


While studying architecture at Berkeley, I didn’t know the question had been posed. Carl's question didn’t even register until well into my professional career.


Realization of this pursuit started in 1993, while I worked for a short stint at County of Alameda Public Works. I was only there a few months, but during that time I had the opportunity to play with a Sun Micro Systems computer. At the time it was the most powerful computer I had encountered.





Instead of using it to write specifications or produce working drawings, I created the 3d sculpture shown here. At the time, I was fascinated with Paolo Soleri’s ideas concerning The City in the Image of Man; so, I too played with mega-city forms of my own.



Then, quite unexpectantly I discovered in the basement of Fu Ren’s house, her mother’s unused gravestone. The family placed a more elaborate one at the site when they buried mom and dad together. I don’t know why, but unconsciously I connected the gravestone and my sculpture; and set about constructing pattern 24 of A Pattern Language even though I was unclear what sacred space meant to me. 

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