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How does one evaluate health and well-being? For me, it appears as a balanced stance, something “roughly in the middle”. Balance shuns extremes and depends primarily on its own sound equilibrium to navigate.

Here’s a little test. Go to this URL and take it. I did.


My score was 50/50, so was my daughter's. Why, because we were raised “old school”

I name this section, Builder, out of respect for the process that dwells at the heart of this site and my work: DIY - Do It Yourself. This is a part of the African American persona I did not discard on donning that of the Cyclops. Since DIY also underpins cyclopean activity it provided ideal correlation between my African American experience and the inner reality emerging from the unconscious. By accepting and appreciating DIY, I bridged - held hands - with inner and outer reality.

Shedding the African American Male persona did not require full scale flight. Such gross abandoning would have been an unskillful unbalanced act causing a major identity crisis. The molting I experienced was like a snake shedding its skin; but along with this change came the realization that I also held hands with the dead and their life experience echoed through me.  

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