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The Problem of Fixed Identity

Healing an individual or community is not a process of curing or fixing something. To heal is to transform from an ill state to a balanced one. Unfortunately our notions of fixed identity as economically disadvantaged, poor, uneducated and the like blinds us and literally makes the idea that we are not the same person when ill as we are when balanced, healthy and happy.


Moreover, stereo-typed fixed identity obscures the work necessary to return to health. Transformational work is most objectionable, not only to the poor and impoverished, but to everyone. We don't want to do it. We prefer a magic pill. But like it or not, if ethnic communities are to become happy, healthy places, community members will have to transform until balance is restored.


How is this to be done? What should be prescribed other than more medication?


Here is where Yin/Yang theory and the idea, "using the outside to work on the inside," can be of great assistance; because it's inverse is also true. How can any architecture heal if those that build it are ill? The mind must be set in order first and then what comes into manifestation will have the same quality as the maker.

Understanding Chinese yoga of this type requires mental flexibility. In my case I had to work on the inside first and resolve the pesky problem of identity.


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