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With faculty support I created an independent study class focusing on peer teaching and student organization. Using cutting edge technology of the time, reel-to-reel video tape, the class re-entered minority communities as agents of environmental change.

The creation of Telem, its field work and presentations transformed my self-image. I became confident in my capacity to change the physical environment.

The shroud of powerlessness bestowed on minority communities and me as one of its residents was dispelled as I gained powerful insights into my capacity to change environmental conditions. By organizing minority students around a new visual technology we were able to picture ourselves as constructive forces in and on the world around us.

Feelings of happiness and achievement I derived from our projects gave me a clue to the enormous power found in positive self-perception. Once we saw and then believed we could operate effectively in a real community setting, we allowed ourselves to succeed.

With help from an non-patronizing faculty, supportive of our efforts, we were able to attack the victim mentality foisted on us by America society at large.

Structuring an education based on constructive play, released powerful psychic forces. In my case, I gained a sense of personal sovereignty.


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