The Problem with Minorities in Architecture


Expressionist Architecture

Throughout my study in the architecture department, I never encountered anyone expressing its views. Scientific method, form following function held center stage with little, if any, competition – an architecture I couldn’t warm too. Modern architecture was obviously a language of thought, mathematics, form, and function; but something never sat right with me. I thought it was my inexperience and lack of talent that handicapped my understanding. The International Style was intimidating with its purity and meticulous precision, a level of competence I thought I could never reach, let alone master; and I chafed at its demanded for control.

For these reasons I turned inward; at first out of defense. But later as I read psychology and encountered Archetypes I began to see a landscape within. Fearful of ridicule I shut up and focused on tangible things like using video in community design. I guess if I had been more humble and studied with Professor Kostoff, I would have learned about Expressionist architecture; but pride and immaturity stood in my way.

In isolation I did what I felt compelled to do, express the architecture I saw within; and in so doing charted a well-worn path followed by so many others before me. As you will see later in these pages, with the exception expressing gothic themes, the concept I call Cyclopean Architecture meets the other nine characteristics of Expressionism.

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