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The Importance of Play

It's a Matter of Mental Health


This section meant to be read in conjunction with The Orgia and Boundary Stone.


A Bitch's Brew

The Hawaiian family system has a lesson to teach us about intimacy and happiness.

Missionary zeal destroyed the Punalua family system before it could be adequately researched; so all that is left are bits and pieces of a group marriage system that formed the foundation of Hawaiian culture.

Similar to many non-European cultures, polyamory was in play. We do not know the name ancient Hawaiians used for the feelings of joy they received from being in plural relationships, but today we call it Compersion. In the ancient world jealousy was indeed experienced, but so was its counterpart. Jealousy wasn't given license as it is today because the antidote to poisonous jealousy also existed.

Early interaction between Europeans and Hawaiians transmitted Christian values to the natives; and activity deemed immoral by Europeans was stamped out, especially anything related to sexuality. What was unknown by Europeans was the intimate relationship Hawaiians enjoyed between family structure, appreciation and Nature.

In the Orgia I cover more on this topic, but stated simply European prejudice discounted the possibility that natives derived positive benefits from group sex and family structure. Relations without possessiveness were unimaginable; especially sexual relations. A system that shared living and loving was viewed as childish and in need of correction.

What Europeans could not comprehend, given their acceptance of jealousy and envy as motivation for possessiveness, was the empathetic happiness natives felt when a lover or companion engaged in pleasure.

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