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The Problem of Many Selves in Marriage






My unconscious meandering toward visionary architecture then took another unexpected turn. With the support of Professor William Ellis I went to Arizona to propose UC Berkeley as the next location for the 1976 Student AIA conference. My idea was to introduce A Pattern Language as a viable design methodology for addressing homelessness in the developing Third World.

I lost the bid for the next conference by only a few votes. Dejected I prepared to drive back to Berkeley that evening. Fortunately others in my party wanted to take the field trip the coming day, so we decided to stay. The next day we boarded buses that took us to the Cosanti Foundation. Then later that day we traveled north to Arcosanti.

The design in the desert was unlike anything I'd ever seen and Paolo Solari's design philosophy spoke to the future. What impressed me more than anything he said was the fact that he was in the desert building his vision. As the evening came to a close and we prepared to leave, I separated from my group and climbed a bluff across from the construction.

Looking back at Arcosanti in the evening sun, I heard it. I heard music. It was as if the spirit of form sang to me. It brought tears to my eyes; and somewhere deep inside I felt connected. This was a part of my future.



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