Floor pattern @ Mt. Ithome, Messene, Greece 780 BCE


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In my last iteration of this section of the website, I openly displayed my shortcomings in terms of design in architecture; pinning my lack of ability on a lack of talent. In many respects I wasn’t far off the mark as evidenced by the cartoonish caricatures presented as graduate work.

I often wondered why these stick figures weren’t summarily rejected by my advisor. He knew I was having visions, but I didn’t have a clue as to what caught his attention; why on more than one occasion he referred to me as unusual. It was even more puzzling when the Dean of Architecture at the time, an architect of some renown, asked for a copy of my work. Even though perplexed, I continued – with the support of my advisor - expressing structures that lay upon my unconscious landscape; and it is for this unwavering support that I once again wish to dedicate this section to Professor Jesse Reichek, Professor of Architecture Emeritus, College of Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley.       

On return from Greece I set about documenting my experience of classical sculpture and architecture and by coincidence stumbled on the reason I was allowed such latitude in architecture school. As an outsider, a minority in architecture, I fell prey to the natural native tendency of “subordinating realism to symbolic or stylistic expression of inner experience” – one of the main tenets of Expressionist Architecture.

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